Continuous Enrolment

The academy’s admission policy allows for enrolment all year round. You can start on any Monday. When you start the course you may find that the course you have enrolled on has already started. Before starting the course we will give you the course outline so you can see the whole course and also a weekly outline which tells you what you be learning in the class during your time at the academy. You might have missed some materials but that doesn’t mean you will be behind or not fit in the class. You might have studied these materials before or will in the future. Every Monday our teachers will start a new topic and a grammar point so it will be easy to start and fit in the class.

If you have enrolled for more than 5 weeks the academy will offer individual tuition lessons to help you catch up with your peers. This will focus mainly on the grammar and vocabulary you have missed. The Director of Studies and the designated teacher will monitor your progress to ensure that you are able to catch up with your peers in the classroom.


Course Hours Price
15 £165
20 £197
Exam Preparation
Test for UK Visa, British Citizenship, Leave to Remain
24 On application
IELTS exam preparation 15 £210
IELTS + General English

Includes 10 hours of exam preparation and 15 hours of general English

25 £240
One to one 1 £45

* Special offers are subject to availability

Flexible and Part Time

We offer flexible hours for students that are not able to attend every day due to work, financial or personal commitments.

Part Time Student Enrolment with Full Time Students – A2-B2

You can choose to enrol on a part time basis in a full-time course. You can attend a couple of hours a day on a weekly basis depending upon your circumstances. The teacher will give you the weekly outline at the end of each week of the course. The weekly outline will show you what will be taught in the following week. You can study the topics you have missed in your own time. The teachers and the academy are not obliged to teach any topics you have missed. We recommend you attend on days that there is a focus on grammar.




Special Offer*

General English